Photo taken in New Delhi, India

I am Jelle Luteijn, a (Fullstack) Software Developer that also likes to tinker with physical hardware systems and network administration.

I like to create systems that others can use, these could be software based solutions, or infrastructure based solutions, physical or virtual.

Next to software there is always the infrastructure. At Netwerkvereniging Coloclue am I part of the network team and datacenter team.
In the network team I manage with my teammates our own Autonomous System, AS8283.
In the datacenter team I help association members racking their servers in our datacenters.
This website is hosted by my own network, AS212855, which I operate from multiple locations within Amsterdam.

I am also active in the Dutch anime scene.
There are a couple of festivals in the Netherlands, I am part of the tech crew of AnimeCon.
AnimeCon is the largest anime festival in the Netherlands and organizes the Clara Cow Cosplay Cup, an international cosplay competition with competitors from all over the world.

I am graduated as Bachelor of Science in the field of software engineering.

Looking for more details and (probably) more up to date details? Go to my LinkedIn Profile!